Oct 30, 2015

ART-DECOR Template Editing for the Impatient: Temple

Today the ART-DECOR Expert Group officially released Temple, the second HL7 Template Editor as part of the ART-DECOR tool suite, after intense testing.

Snapshot of Temple, the XML based Template Editor of the ART-DECOR tool suite

In addition to the “regular” graphical Template Editor supporting tabular editing of templates, Temple offers an XML-like editor with extra support with auto-complete functionality for those who are familiar with HL7’s Templates DSTU (HL7 Templates Standard: Specification and Use of Reusable Information Constraint Templates, Release 1) and prefer to work with XML-editing rather than a graphical tool.

It allows direct manipulation of the underlying definition in XML. It supports content completion, inspection of referenced artefacts, and validation of the definition before saving.

Oct 1, 2015

ART-DECOR 1.6 is released!

The next ART-DECOR release – 1.6 – with cloud-based federated Building Block Repositories BBR for Templates and Value Sets with two Template Editors (graphical and XML-based) has been published.

It includes also a transition to the recent XForms Platform Orbeon 4.7 and XML-Database eXist-db 2.2, followed by many visual and performance improvements.

See ART-DECOR Releases for details.