Nov 4, 2014

ART-DECOR 1.2 is released!

ART-DECOR 1.2 has been released and focuses on improving localization, and includes features in a number of key areas such as datasets, scenarios, templates and terminology. Reliability has also made significant progress.
See ART-DECOR Releases for details.

Jul 24, 2014

ART-DECOR 1.0 is released!

ART-DECOR 1.0 is the open-source cooperation environment supporting one or multiple governance groups each governing their own projects supports setting up datasets with vocabulary bindings, value sets, scenarios, and message/document definitions (templates). It fully implements the HL7 Template ITS read/write/prototyping of templates and the building block repository (BBR) feature for re-usable artefacts such as value sets and templates.
See ART-DECOR Releases for details.